Social Media Push

return on investment. ROI every $$ invested must bring in a return to us. Every page must be optimized to get traffic. Content must be strong. Everything has a cost including time and that must translate to generate revenue.

livein—collect rent from each area you sell. Build main web site, have let each person maintain there site/area.

look at for layout of website. Its good.

Work with

back links and great content. Create content around what people are searching for. Use goggle keywords and core questions and responses. What will create new mass audiences.

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Milton Weiss
Born in cold country up north, I never was happy being cold. Finished college and left for warmer weather and landed in the Caribbean for many years. Met my wife there, had a happy life there and then moved to Palm Beach County, Florida, where we still have a happy life. Warm weather, the sun, and the ocean flow through my body. I hope to bring some of that energy to you.