True Sustainability At Babcock Ranch

 The World’s First Solar Powered Town

 Construction is starting on a development hoping to become America’s first solar-powered city. Located in southwestern Florida just 13 miles from Fort Myers, Babcock Ranch will be home to 19,500 homes, 6 million square feet of retail, and 50,000 inhabitants by the time it’s finished in 25 years.

The Ranch solar energy center will supply clean renewable power to the development. With FPL know how 74.5 megawatts of power will be generated using a total of 443 acres with solar panels.

The new town features will include:

  • Largest solar power plant in the Eastern US. A total of 75 megawatts.
  • State of the art infrastructure that leverages technology.
  • On site schools from early learning to college degrees.
  • Half of the development will be greenways, parks and lakes.
  • Innovative health and fitness center.
  • Shared public and private driverless cars.
  • Modern smart grid digital electrical system to optimize energy efficiency.

The town is also bordered by two wildlife and nature preserves totaling nearly 150,000 acres of protected wilderness.

Kitson & Partners are based in Palm Beach Gardens. Click here to visit there website.


“At Ranch, we believe that true sustainability embraces a commitment to conserving, preserving natural resources, creating a context for personal growth, and the fulfillment of personal dreams and aspiration.”

History of Babcock Florida

Babcock family purchased this property in 1914 from the McAdow family. They were one of the early snowbirds who came looking for a warmer climate and an easy lifestyle settling here in the late 1800’s. The McAdow family made their money in gold mining. After they stuck it rich, it was time to head to Florida. They purchased 91,000 acres and named the Ranch Cresent B Ranch. In 1899 Perry Wadsworth also was named the president on the newly formed Bank Of Punta Gorda.

Edward Babcock, a Pittsburgh lumber magnate purchased  the ranch and renamed it to Babcock Ranch. It became the base of their lumber business. By 1930 Fred, Edwards son was running the property and became the face of the ranch. In 1997 after Fred’s death the heirs tried selling the land to the state. In 2005 the discussions ended and everyone walked away. Syd Kitson and Kitson and Partners decided to put an offer on the table. A year or so later the deal was closed satisfying many interested parties. Most of the land went to the state of Florida to preserve. Kitson and Partners were left with over 17,000 acres to build their new town.

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Milton Weiss
Born in cold country up north, I never was happy being cold. Finished college and left for warmer weather and landed in the Caribbean for many years. Met my wife there, had a happy life there and then moved to Palm Beach County, Florida, where we still have a happy life. Warm weather, the sun, and the ocean flow through my body. I hope to bring some of that energy to you.