Enjoy stopping at these beautiful beaches of Florida.

Surrounded by Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico from both the sides, Florida is the southernmost state in the U.S, which is known for its amazing culture, vibrant nightlife and spectacular beautiful beaches. A popular tourist destination and a great spot for spending a vacation, this amazing palace has been given the nickname of the ‘Sunshine State’. From Orlando to Miami, this state has an awesome range of destinations that are loaded with attractive spots, especially the beaches. While you are looking forward to get soaked in the waves of these best beaches, take a look at the best beaches of Florida that will make your excursion all the more memorable and joyous.


1. Delray Beach: Located in the Palm Beach County, Delray Beach is one of the top beautiful  beaches of Florida that has to be on your list if you really want to have a great beach holiday. This 2-mile long beach has been a favorite spot for many people and can be visited with family and friends both. Activities like sunbathing, swimming, sandcastle building and sailing can be enjoyed thoroughly. The presence of many restaurants and resorts make it an extremely attractive spot. Delray has long wide sandy beautiful beaches to enjoy.

Beautiful Beaches in Delray.
Beautiful Beaches in Delray.

2. Clearwater Beach: As the name suggests, this is another trendy beautiful beach of Florida that lies east of the Tampa Bay and on the west side of the Gulf of Mexico. This award-winning beach has been ranked among the top beaches of the America and provides an experience that you’ll remember for your lifetime. Parasailing, dolphin watching cruise, playing volleyball, sunbathing, etc. are the major activities that shall be done while being here. The beachfront hotels will make a perfect accommodation. Enjoy yourself while you stroll up and down these beautiful beaches. (Pic’s on left.)


3.Sanibel Beach: This is yet another wonderful beach in Florida that will make you feel calm and relaxed. The peaceful ambiance of this beach will give you an experience of being in heaven. Stroll along the rustic broadwalk, collect some shells from the shores and spend an amicable vacation here. Carry a bucket, net and shovel if you want to create a whole collection of shells and cockles. It is an ideal spot for a family vacation too. Relaxing on or shelling on these beautiful beaches is a must do.

Beautiful Beaches in Clearwater.
Beautiful Beaches in Clearwater
Beautiful Beaches in Sanibel

4. South Beach: Nicknamed as SoBe, this happening and energetic beach is the neighbor of the Miami Beach. Sandy shores, unique architectures, cool environment and the best sights of the city make it a famous beach holiday spot in the state. Enjoy the cool breeze by taking a walk or get soaked in the sunshine while being topless, the freedom of doing anything and everything makes it a well-defined place to spend a vacation at. The tranquil waves are another attraction of these beautiful beaches.

Beautiful Beaches in South Beach.
Beautiful Beaches in South Beach.

South Florida Guide,  Milton Weiss


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