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As the real estate market has improved over the last two years and prices have greatly increased you might consider putting your “home for sale“. While it’s still a sellers market and the supply of homes are low, buyers are not in the frenzy they were before the real estate markets collasped. If your home is overpriced  you will be at a disadvantage when competing with other sellers, regardless of what you see on “Million Dollar Listing”. The three important things that help sell a home are Location, Condition, & Price. The longer your house sits on the MLS, the staler it gets. So while you want as much as possible set the right price and make an excellent first impression.

Home for sale

Here are our tips for selling your home even in the off season (here in South Florida that means no snowbirds).

  1. Choose your Agent carefully. Sit down and interview a few agents. Find one that you can connect with. Review there marketing plan and how they are going to get your property in front of as many eyes as possible. I had a agent in another state list a home we owned. She put it on the MLS and then did nothing after that. She was just waiting for another agent with a buyer to come along. We lost a couple of months before we found another agent who sold the house quickly using a great marketing plan.
  2. Take great pictures of your property.    I can’t tell you how many terrible photo’s of homes I’ve seen over the years. First clean up your house inside and out. No trash cans in the driveway, get rid of the clutter inside.  Review the pictures taken by your agent before they go on the MLS. Do not except sloppy pictures. Take your own, it’s not hard with digital cameras today. If you want to spend the money hire a professional.
  3. Review the description and features of the property.  Do this before your agent puts it on the MLS. No one knows your house better than you do. Look at descriptions of other properties for great descriptive terms.
  4. Home for Sale. Price it right from the time you list it. It’s a sellers market right now but that doesn’t mean you can ask for the moon. Review homes sold in your area and compare those prices to yours. After homes have been on the market for over 90 to 120 days they become much harder to sell. There is a home on our block that a flipper purchased, spiffed it up and then put it on the market at a crazy high price. The first month people were coming by every day to look at it. Three months later they fired the agent, got a new one, lowered the price  by not very much and ZERO traffic. They are now between a rock and a hard place. Don’t get too greedy when pricing your home.
  5. Enhance your homes curb appeal. Make sure your house looks great outside. People make an instant judgement about your home. Freshly painted and a nice yard go a long way to put buyers in the right mindset. Too many plants, trim everything back and pressure wash the walkways that need it. Mulch the yard, wash your windows.
  6. Interior of your home. Declutter your home. This is really important. Some people just have too much stuff in their house (we fit in this group). I was reviewing some pictures of a fairly expensive house and the master bedroom look spectacular. I fell in love with that bedroom except for the treadmill next to the bed. It just should not have been there. Also remember, the inside of your house should look up to date.
  7. Make the house easy to show. The more restrictions on when someone could come by could means less buyers coming buy.
  8. Inspect your home. Do your own inspection of your home. Fix all those little things that need fixing. When the  buyer has inspector check the house they are going to find whatever is not right and the negotiations start again only this time it’s just downward in price.
  9. Some quick ideas. Let your neighbors know your house is for sale. Create a personal You Tube video about your home and neighborhood. Watch what else is selling in your “hood”. This way you can keep an eye on the competition. Get creative, think outside the box. We sold one house instantly just because my wife painted  our steps to the house with some stars and planets. Go figure that out!

That’s it. Like anything else selling your home takes a little effort. Put in the extra effort and time in and it should pay off.

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Home for sale
home for sale
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