MANATEE’S Watching them and swimming with them.

Manatee’s are the gentle giants of the waters surrounding Florida. Every winter they swim south looking for warmer waters to stay in. The manatee’s  show up in the West Palm Beach area every year and it’s easy to watch them swim and play. The best spot to swim with and watch them is the Crystal River area. These giants show up in the 1000’s there. The Crystal River is a great place to go for a weekend vacation spot.

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Milton Weiss
Born in cold country up north, I never was happy being cold. Finished college and left for warmer weather and landed in the Caribbean for many years. Met my wife there, had a happy life there and then moved to Palm Beach County, Florida, where we still have a happy life. Warm weather, the sun, and the ocean flow through my body. I hope to bring some of that energy to you.