Marco Island Florida- A Travel Enthusiast’s Dream Place

 Marco Island  Great Road Trip

Journeys are meant to nurture our souls with the beauty of nature and to relax our mind from all the noise around us. There can be lots and lots of places that are visited quite a number of times by travelers and they are contend with their experience, but there is a place on the globe that is worth a visit if you are an admirer of tranquility and splendor around you. If you are looking for a peaceful place that is not only beautiful but also provide lots of activities to be taken part in and in a way cherished in our mind, then Marco Island Florida is just what the doctor ordered.


The island is located in Collier County, Florida, United States. It is a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico off Southwest Florida, connected to the mainland by bridges south of the city of Naples. The island is also gateway to the 10,000 island chain for great fishing, boating and just relaxing. It is home to resort lodgings, shorelines, marinas and numerous golf courses. A long, sandy beach covers the greater part of the west coast of the island, with resort hotels in the south. The Paradise Coast has an assortment of attractions for all ages. Appreciate open air time on the water or on the greens. Walk around the sandy shorelines, nature trails or walkways loaded with shops and restaurants. Whatever your advantage, Naples, Marco Island and the Everglades offers numerous fun experiences.

Naples, an upscale private enclave with beaches, serves more year-round and winter inhabitants than traveling visitors. There are numerous golf courses and green improvements with upscale lodging and plenty of shopping. The area is for the most part has a casual, cutting edge feel to it.

The island itself is perfect and calm, and has beaches with white sand that gives you an unmatched experience. It is a pretty decent place for individuals who like to calm down, swim, appreciate nature and go sailing or angling. But for the people who want to stay out all night they might take heed to this local joke “that midnight for Marco residents starts around just 9pm.”

Marco is the largest of Florida’s 10,000 islands. It has been portrayed as supernatural, other worldly and charming. The fascination is tropical sun-washed white sand shorelines and an easygoing simple paced way of life. Daylight, skipping dolphins, beautiful beaches are all accessible for your pleasure.

Marco Island 10,000 islands

The food is just awesome and if you are a foodie by nature, the place is just perfect for you. The eating spots will charm your taste buds with crisp fish and their great island manifestations. Investigate the wild of the Ten Thousand Islands via land, watercraft or air. Appreciate great fishing and abundant natural life.

Night Fall Beach Walk

There are lots of attractions that are in store for the visitors that travel round the year to this beautiful island. One of such attractions is the Nightfall Beach Walk, these are dependably part of any visit to here. Dusk here is entirely enchanting and you can appreciate strolling the sandy beaches when it gets cooler in temperature.The strolls normally wind up at Quinn’s Beach Bar for a mixed drinks before diner.

Collier-Seminole State Park

Marco island everglades

Another attraction around the island is Collier-Seminole State Park. It is around 5 miles south on US 41.The state park offers outdoors, fishing, nature trails, and kayak rentals. It is an exceptionally worthwhile spot to visit when you are visiting here.

Tiger Tail Beach

marco island tiger tail beach

Tiger Tail Beach is another temptation for travelers. Pay a visit to this beautiful beach. Everyone who visits here wants to be on this delightful beach.Tiger Tail is on the northwest part of the island. Daily price of parking is $8.00. In the event that you plan to spend a day at Tiger Tail arrive early in light of the fact that parking is very limited and gets full.

Natural Beauty in Macro Island

There is a mind boggling profusion of natural life in and around Marco Island. Species of various kinds including sea birds, crocodiles, bottle nose dolphins and manatee are some that captures the attention of every visitor. A short adventurous ride from SR 953 to bring you to the Everglades National Park another great place to visit.

Marco Island dolphins

Renting a Boat

One extraordinary things to do here is to rent a boat. You get a feeling of flexibility and control which is extremely exciting, particularly if you have never guided a pontoon before.The pontoons are anything but difficult to work and the waters are easy to explore. Marco Island River Marina is an incredible spot to lease a watercraft, and all you need to do is to ask for a discount before you lease.

Marco Island sailing

In short a tempting twist of tropical passions, sun-splashed excitement and island charm awaits your presence at this island. With three-and-one-half miles of extensive, pearlescent sands and glittering turquoise-flecked waters, Marco Island is ideal for a romantic, family or sporting getaway. Inland is a maze of waterways, mangroves and sawgrass that provides sanctuary for more than 200 exotic and domestic species of birds.With so much to offer this place is rightly called “paradise” by local inhabitants and visitors alike. With so much to give to the visitors the island is a one sure delight for the eyes and it is a place that must be given a visit due to its extravagant beauty surrounding it.

Here are 2 video’s of Marco Island. Open these at your own risk. You just might get in your car immediately and go to there.

Visit The Island 1                                  Visit The Island 2

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