Hi! I’m Tiki and I live in West Palm Beach, Florida. I’m only four years old but I have lots and lots of stories about my adventures so far…mostly in my backyard…that looks kind of like a jungle. My forever parents rescued me when I was no bigger than a remote control! I was so teeny and lucky they found me. They love me a lot! So does my Aunt Nancy and Aunt Shirley, they are our neighbors but watch me and my stepsister Luci and stepbrother Marley when they go out of town…their stories will sneak into my adventures along the way.

Tiki the cat

I get to explore my banana trees, really really tall papaya trees, trees called a Bird of Paradise that looks a hundred feet tall, but really are only about 20′ and a big Bougainvillea that my dad keeps cutting back because it keeps cutting my mom and she is not happy about those scratches anymore. And I don’t like it anyway because it has really humungus thorns that hurt the pads on my feet. It’s too hard to hunt in that tree anyway. Just so you know, once a year my dad plants a garden with tomatoes and then I have a lot of room to practice my hunting skills, but most of the bugs and lizards are pretty fast and run faster than I do.

Stay tuned for my journey with the best family in the world.

Baby Tiki looking at the screen

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Milton Weiss
Born in cold country up north, I never was happy being cold. Finished college and left for warmer weather and landed in the Caribbean for many years. Met my wife there, had a happy life there and then moved to Palm Beach County, Florida, where we still have a happy life. Warm weather, the sun, and the ocean flow through my body. I hope to bring some of that energy to you.