When you decide to purchase a home or refinance a home call a professional licensed mortgage broker not a bank. Do you feel anxiety over going to the bank for a home loan?  You don’t have to, when using a qualified broker who has better rates, better service, and much lesser fees, why would you?  We pride ourselves on our excellent relationships with many different lenders to help facilitate the loan process and make it easy for everyone.  Read the newspapers and see why our local banks are selling or closing down their mortgage divisions. Why pay for their name, their salaries and their retirement of their employees. That’s why a the bank rate is higher than ours. As our client you don’t pay us to do your loan. The wholesale lenders we choose pay us. Wholesale lenders do the majority of all the mortgages in the u.s. And it is growing. We give you personalized service 7 days a week and are available at night. Not 5 days a week and close by 5:00 pm like banks do. Mortgage brokers need to be licensed with the State of Florida and by NMLS and banks do not require their loan officers to be licensed nor does the State of Florida. We talk to our lenders and underwriters to get your loan approved. Plus we allow credit scores down to a 500 credit score. Banks you need a 620-640 credit score. Their is no comparison when using a qualified mortgage broker. We have many different loan programs that banks don’t have even have for those who are credit challenged or cannot prove their income.  We can help you get back on track.  We bring flexibility, experience and professionalism to the table and get the loan closed. We offer FHA, VA, conventional, portfolio and private investor loans for residential and commercial purchases or refinances.

 We put buyer, sellers, title companies and realtor’s at ease when they know a loan will close with us.

 Don’t make the mistake of going to the bank, instead call a highly qualified mortgage professional at Alternative Mortgage Group to get expert advice,  and to answer all of your questions upfront. Complete a loan application online at www.myfmw.com or visit our office. We take  all referrals by realtor’s to get their buyers approved!

 Call Alternative Mortgage Group and their experts for all your mortgage needs to make this process a successful one for you. “It’s all about our family helping your family’s real estate financing needs”. Call 561-395-4264 or email at flamortgages@gmail.com

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Born in cold country up north, I never was happy being cold. Finished college and left for warmer weather and landed in the Caribbean for many years. Met my wife there, had a happy life there and then moved to Palm Beach County, Florida, where we still have a happy life. Warm weather, the sun, and the ocean flow through my body. I hope to bring some of that energy to you.