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Florida Population Report

In our first real estate news report this Monday August 22,2016 Cushman and Wakefield have released the population report for Florida and they expect Florida to have 20.7 million people living here by the end of 2016. In contrast in 1910 the state had a population of 1 million people. In 1980 the population totaled 10 million. Florida’s population grew by more than 1000 people per day and job growth is the main factor in this push.

To read the complete article just click here.

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Selling Your House Try These Words.

CoreLogic is the company financial services organizations and real estate professionals turn to for unique perspectives that identify, interpret and direct action that helps solve their toughest business challenges.

They have recently completed a study on words that effects the days on market for a listing. Public comments provided by listing agents can give information about the property amenities, architecture and neighborhood information, and they can also impact the days a property is on the market. CoreLogic researchers looked at more than 1 million single-family transactions controlled for listing price, geographic variations, and physical housing characteristics and found that certain phrases in public comments helped sell a home faster.

To see what words help and hinder your click here.

New Construction

According to NAR (National Association Of Realtors)  new home construction trailing job growth in many of the metro areas and is contributing to the persistent housing shortages. NAR measured the volume of homes built in 146 metropolitan statistical areas throughout the states to determine whether homebuilding has kept up with the improving job growth.

To read the report from NAR click here.

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Home Purchase Sentiment Index

Fannie Mae just released it’s Home Purchase Sentiment Index and it increased 3.3 points to 86.5 in July. This is a new all-time high and it indicates the housing market has a more positive outlook in the public’s eye. Each of the six HPSI components increased in July. The largest increases were seen in the net share of consumers who expect home prices to go up over the next 12 months, which rose 8 percentage points after a drop in June, and the net share of consumers who expect mortgage interest rates to go down over the next 12 months, which rose 5 percentage points. The Household Income component also rebounded after dropping in June, rising 3 percentage points to 11 percent. Notably, the share of consumers who said they would buy if they were going to move increased to 67 percent, while the share of consumers who said they would rent moved down to 26 percent, equaling an all-time National Housing Survey® low.

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